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"All telling story" amethyst necklace

"All telling story" amethyst necklace

What ever happens, you will find a way. No matter what unfold, stay trustful, life supports you on your every step. 


This is an interesting crystal, dot of almost white, serene purple with a sparkling deep purple center. This unique amethyst reminds to walk your path with full trust in life. As life flows freely, it will serves You endless opportunities and beautiful solutions.


Polished natural, real amethyst from Finnish Lapland.

Only this unique piece available.


Stone size ~25x25mm, pendant height in total ~30mm.

Silver chain 50cm included in price.

All silver parts real 925 silver.




🇫🇮   Minne ikinä elämä kuljettaa Sinua, voit aina luottaa elämän viisauteen ja kauneuteen. Elämä tukee - ja tulee aina tukemaan - Sinua. Uniikki hiottu aito Lapin ametisti hopeahatulla ja -ketjulla.


  • Origin

    Hand digged and polished amethyst from Finnish Lapland, 100% ecologically and ethically produced, with much love.

68,00 €Price
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