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"Angel wings" - snow quartz

"Angel wings" - snow quartz

This stone is a comforting memory and manifestation of what is true beyond what we see with our physical eyes. Beings of light are always with us, guiding, protecting and cherishing. 


Raw and unique snow quartz magic with a hint of amethyst from Finnish Lapland. Only this piece available.



Length ~60mm, width 40mm, height ~75mm.

Weight 268grams.



🇫🇮 Enkelin siivet. Valon, rakkauden ja myötätunnon tuoja. Uniikki neljänneskiloinen lumikvartsi raakakivi, Suomen Lapista. 

  • Origin

    Hand digged in western parts of Finnish Lapland, 100% ecologically and ethically, with much love. This piece is delivered to You by our Jukka's friend Marja-Liisa.

55,00 €Price
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