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Dragonfly lightness - rose quartz necklace

Dragonfly lightness - rose quartz necklace

Activate the lightness of a dragonfly! In this lightness you can easily manouver life with ease, gliding effortlessly, with a soft yet clear vision about everything you encounter in life. 


Polished natural rose quartz from Finnish Lapland. Only this unique piece available. The color of this crystal is very light and soft pink and partially transclusent, shaped like a dragonfly wing. 


Stone size ~27x12mm, pendant height in total ~32mm.


Delicate silver chain 50cm, included in price. Hangs approximately right over the heart.

All silver parts real 925 sterling silver.




🇫🇮  Sudenkorennon keveys. Keveydessä voi liitää vaivattomasti, nähden elämän kauneuden kirkkaasti ja lempeästi. Uniikki hiottu aito Lapin ruusukvartsi hopeahatulla ja -ketjulla. Tämä ruusukvartsi on hyvin kevyt, hennon vaaleanpunainen ja osittain läpikuultava. 


  • Origin

    Hand digged and polished rose quartz from Finnish Lapland, 100% ecologically and ethically produced, with much love.

68,00 €Price
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