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Expanding Universe - amethyst silver necklace

Expanding Universe - amethyst silver necklace

Universe is expanding for You. Endless new possibilities awaits. You might not know what, how, where or when, but all is available for you. Hang in there until you see more clearly again, everything is working out in your favor.

This crystal is here to constantly remind you of how cared for, appreciated and loved you are. And that you deserve to be celebrated as the divine being, that you are.

Pendant height in total ~34mm, crystal ~29mm.


Silver chain 45cm, included in price.


All silver parts 925 sterling silver.


Ethically and ecologically sourced crystal, amethyst, from Finnish Lapland.




🇫🇮 💜 Vaikka et juuri nyt näkisikään mihin polkusi vie, muista, että maailmankaikkeus rakastaa sinua aivan valtavasti! Kaikki järjestyy pian parhain päin!


Riipuksen korkeus ~34mm, kiviaarre ~29mm.

Hopeaketju 45cm sisältyy hintaan.


Kaikki hopeaosat 925 sterling hopeaa.


Eettinen ja ekologinen hiottu ametisti, käsin kaivettu, Suomen Lapista.

  • Origin

    Hand digged and polished amethyst from Finnish Lapland, 100% ecologically and ethically produced, with much love.

68,00 €Price
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