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Grounding calmness

Grounding calmness

In the depths of Mother Earth, there's a place to call home. We travel into the heart, to connect with the grounding heart center of Mother Earth. Travel within, travel to calm serenity. Let this crystal help you.


Smoky quartz top from Finnish Lapland. Polished, natural and real smoky quartz, with a subtle hint of amethyst inside. This crystal shimmers in rainbow colors when you hold it in the light from specific angels. We only have this one unique piece available.



- Length +30mm, width +25mm, height ~23mm. 

- 27 g.




🇫🇮   Äiti Maan sydämessä on voimaa ja maadoittavaa turvaa. Se on paikka mitä voidaan kutsua kodiksi. Matkusta kotiin sydämesi kautta. Voit antaa tämän kiviaarteen auttaa sinua. Hiotu savukvartsi kiteen pää. 

  • Origin

    Hand digged in Finnish Lapland, 100% ecologically and ethically, with much love.

33,00 €Price
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