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"Healing acupressure" three in one -crystal

"Healing acupressure" three in one -crystal

Use this two-pointed crystal on acupressure points, for instance on the soles of the feet, hands or face.  


Polished amethyst, snow quartz and smoky quartz - three healing stones in one. The sharper tip of this crystal is smoky quartz, known to transmute negative energy into positive. The softer end has naturally some snow quartz in it, bringing in - softness! 


Only this unique piece available.



Length 60mm, height 27mm.




🇫🇮   Akupainanta kivi, itsehoitoon tai muita hoidettaessa. Uniikki hiottu aito Lapin aarre, missä ametistia, lumikvartsia ja savukvartsia. Savukvartsi on hoitava kivi, on sanottu muuntavan negatiivisen energian positiiviseksi.

  • Origin

    Hand digged in Finnish Lapland, 100% ecologically and ethically, with much love.

42,00 €Price
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