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"Love and tenderness" -amethyst & silver earrings

"Love and tenderness" -amethyst & silver earrings

If these stones had a voice they would say: "Receive love and tenderness!"


Silver heart chain, five hearts on each earring. The number five indicates that you have positive life changes ahead.


As the two stones are natural, they vary slightly in size and color. Polished amethysts, ethical crystals, from Finnish Lapland.


Only this unique pair available.


Stone size: 15-20mm

Earrings length in total: 75-80mm


Silver flower cap on the stones.

All silver parts real 925 silver.




🇫🇮 Korvakorut muistuttavat: Ota vastaan rakkautta ja hellyyttä. Uniikit hiotut aidot Lapin ametistit. Kaikki muut osat 925 hopeaa.


  • Origin

    Hand digged and polished amethyst from Finnish Lapland, 100% ecologically and ethically produced, with much love.

55,00 €Price
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