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"Serenity" Amethyst necklace with silver

"Serenity" Amethyst necklace with silver

Serenity, calmness and sweetness. Focus your mind and heart on that which is serence, calm and sweet in life. What we focus on will expand. Polished natural, real amethyst from Finnish Lapland.


Only this unique piece available.


Stone size ~18x20mm, pendant height in total ~23mm.

Silver chain 42cm included in price.

All silver parts real 925 silver.




🇫🇮   Kiinnitä mielesi ja sydämesi siihen, mitä tuo tyyneyttä, rauhaa ja seesteisyyttä - "a sweet life". Uniikki hiottu aito Lapin ametisti hopeahatulla ja -ketjulla.


  • Origin

    Hand digged and polished amethyst from Finnish Lapland, 100% ecologically and ethically produced, with much love.

68,00 €Price
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