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"I accept myself" smoky quartz + amethyst

"I accept myself" smoky quartz + amethyst

This crystal top, with it's rare combination of smoky qartz crystal and hints of amethyst on the bottom, is reminding to always accept yourself. We all have our shadow sides, let them come to the surface and look at them with much love. 


This piece is a rare find, as the very top of this stone is sharp. Raw and unique, only this piece available.



Length 30mm, height 20mm.




🇫🇮   "Hyväksyn ja rakastan itseäni". Ehjä kiteen kärki (harvinainen löytö!), savukvartsia ja pohjalla hivenen ametistia. Uniikki, raaka kivi.

  • Origin

    Hand digged in Finnish Lapland, 100% ecologically and ethically, with much love.

35,00 €Price
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