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Soft and gentle - amethyst silver necklace

Soft and gentle - amethyst silver necklace

Easy and gentle! Allow life to become like a fairytale, you can grow wings and find lightness, softness and easiness!

We may learn and evolve just as much through easy and gentle processes as through heavy one. Always ask for easy and gentle processes. This crystal vibrates ever so gently and softly, and serves like a reminder for what truly is possible.


Pendant height in total ~35mm, crystal ~27mm.


Silver chain 60cm, included in price.


All silver parts 925 sterling silver.


Ethically and ecologically sourced crystal, from Finnish Lapland.





🇫🇮 Pehmeästi, kevyesti. Sulje silmät ja tunne, sinulla on kauniit kantavat siivet! Anna elämäsi muuttua yhä pehmeämmäksi ja kevyemmäksi. Sinun sisin on pehmeä ja kevyt, kuin enkelin kosketus.


Riipuksen korkeus ~35mm, kiviaarre ~27mm.

Hopeaketju 60cm sisältyy hintaan.


Kaikki hopeaosat 925 sterling hopeaa.


Eettinen ja ekologinen hiottu ametisti, käsin kaivettu, Suomen Lapista.

  • Origin

    Hand digged and polished amethyst from Finnish Lapland, 100% ecologically and ethically produced, with much love.

71,00 €Price
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