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"True power and beyond" - amethyst necklace

"True power and beyond" - amethyst necklace

Unapologetically You! This stone is for you, if you wish to boost your inner power, self-esteem or if you're on the merge to take the next big step in your life! This is a true power stone, an immense forward pulling force. Receive it!


The length of the necklace is 70 cm, so it lays on your diaphragm and heart center. Tip: Wear the necklace, inhale with intention 'power' and be aided by this gorgeous dark colored amethyst. Exhale, connect with mother Earth.


Ecological and ethical crystal from Finnish Lapland. Only this unique piece available.


Stone size ~42x21mm, pendant height in total ~45mm.


Silver chain 70cm, included in price.

All silver parts real 925 silver.




🇫🇮 Kivessä on uskomattoman vahva energia, joka auttaa sinua eteenpäin. Avustaa sinua astumaan omaan voimaasi, uskomaan itseesi ja mahdollisuuksiisi toteuttaa itseäsi. Jos ympärilläsi puhaltaa muutoksen tuulet, annan tämän ametistin tuoda sinulle rohkeutta. Todellinen voimakivi.


Uniikki hiottu aito Lapin eettinen ja ekologinen tummanlila ametisti hopeahatulla ja -ketjulla.


  • Origin

    Hand digged and polished amethyst from Finnish Lapland, 100% ecologically and ethically produced, with much love.

80,00 €Price
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