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Mother Nature gives us all we need, as well as beauty in excess. In return we give her our appreciation and love, with gratitude . We believe, that when we're in tune with nature, we are in tune with ourselves, thus harmony, balance, joy and happiness increases in our lives.

All our raw and polished crystals, semi-precious gemstones, are delivered to us by Jukka Kela, a real gold digger and crystal wizard, with 40 years experience. Jukka digs the crystals 100% ecologically, from his own amethyst mine in Finnish Lapland - using only his hands, a pickaxe - and his love for Mother Nature.

Monika is the "crystal whisperer" with her highly sensitive heart. She  translates the vibrations and messages from the crystals into words. From these crystals Monika also creates transformative jewelleryShe has the priviledge to dig crystals together with Jukka at his mine. 

I's our great joy and honor to bring You these ethical, ecological and loved filled crystals. As Jukka said:


"These crystals have been waiting for You for millions of years"

- and now You are finally here!

Monika - founder and creative

"I believe, that we're all given a specific skill or calling, that helps us to express who we truly are and to fulfill our life purpose. When we allow ourselves to express our true self, we find more joy and a sense of deeper meaning in our life.


For many this natural calling might get lost under roles, responsibilites, or the ego - or at least that’s what happened to me. When I dared to give value to the sensitivity of my heart and a spiritual view on life, I felt my life got a deeper meaning, and surely it’s a journey throughot the entire life.


During the years 2006-2007 I was shaken to the bones with multiple heavy life experiences. In 2010 I resigned from a job that didn’t support my wellbeing and went on a inner journey as I embarked with a one-way flight ticket to Borneo. Might sound funny, but was looking for the meaning of life and my true life purpose. 


However, “Life is the best time of …life!” 


For more than ten years I’ve been fulfilling my calling as a yoga and meditation instructor and podcast-host, sharing my passions for heart consciousness.


Fast forward! In 2021 I felt a strong intuitive urge to start fulfilling my dream from more than ten years back, to make jewelry from crytals and silver. 


However, I soon realized how difficult it was to know if the semi-precious gemstones, stones and crystals had been ethically and ecologically mined, digged and produced. Crystals are becoming more and more popular, many find help, joy and beauty from them.  But the backside is, that ethical and ecological values are many times forgotten, in the hope to make fast money.


The heaviness I felt was soon replaced with so much joy and happiness, when I met Jukka, the crystal wizard from Finnish Lapland, and I realised that we’ve got crystals right under the soil here in Finland too! And that means I know exactly the origin of the stones I offer. I've been digging them myself on the spot, next to Jukka, and I can say with confidence, that our Giitu crystals are 100% ethically and ecologically sourced."

My task is now to translate the high vibrations and messages of these crystals into words. These crystals always have something uplifting to say, they love us unconditionally and and support us on our spiritual path of growth and evolution. 

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"These crystals have been waiting
for You
for millions of years" - and now
You are finally here!

Jukka - "old school" gold & crystal prospector

Jukka Kela to webpage_ametistikaivoksella.jpg

Please meet Jukka, the one and only crystal wizard from Finnish Lapland! The owner of the amethyst mine, in Yli-Luosto, Northern Lapland, Finland, where the major part of all crystals come from. 

Jukka's devotion towards Mother Earth started at the age of 8, when his mother brought him to try gold digging. It was love at first sight. He soon wanted to experience the "real" gold areas of Lemmenjoki in Inari, Norther Lapland, as he knew that that's where the grand old gold prospectors were to be found. His faith was sealed.

Since year 1982 Jukka has spent every summer at the legendary, roadless wilderness area of Lemmenjoki national park. That means 40 summers to date! Using only a pickaxe, shovel and muscles, no chemicals what so ever, he digs ecological gold only, the "old school" way.  

All together Jukka has spent over 10 years of his life in the wilderness, learning from the grand old gold prospectors, as well as from the biggest master of them all - Mother Nature.  

The ecological mining techniques Jukka naturally brought with him to his amethyst mine. 

Every single crystal that is picked by hand is unique, formed by nature since millions of years. Some of the crystals Jukka polishes in a tumbling process that takes one month. What comes out from the tumbler is always a surprise, a piece of art formed by nature. 

When we honour Mother Nature there is continuous reciprocity. We give our love and care to Mother Nature and in return, Mother Nature shares her treasures with us. 

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