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Beeswax crown candle 🐝

Beeswax crown candle 🐝

Beeswax rolled candle from Finnish beeswax.


Beeswax candles burn without smoking with a beautiful steady flame.


As you burn the beeswax candles they purify the air by releasing negative ions that target toxic particles in the indoor air.


Many who can’t burn‘normal’ candles due to allergies, asthma or sensitivity to chemicals , have joyfully been able to enjoy these beeswax candles.


Our honey colored candles have not been colored at all.


Our blueberry and red colored candles are gently colored with safe and highest quality colors.


Burns 4-5 hours.


Length ∼21 cm, width ∼2 cm.




Beeswax 100% from Finnish bees 🐝 (blueberry and red colored options with a hint of coloring added).

Cotton string.

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