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"Creating new pathways" - polished amethyst

"Creating new pathways" - polished amethyst

This crystal helps in creating new pathways, both within you, around you and in front of you. Life is continously changing. Standing in the midst of a change, shedding the old and stepping forward into something new, might require to to create those new pathways. This means looking at things from a new angle, thus creating new thoughts, new emotional patterns as well as opening up to new opportunities in our lives. Trust your inner guidance and find help from this power crystal.


Ethical crystal treasure from Finnish Lapland. Only this unique polished amethyst available.



- Length 40 mm

-  25g.




🇫🇮 Elämä on jatkuvaa muutosta. Antautuminen muutokselle vaatii luottamuksen lisäksi, kykyä luoda uusia polkuja ja ratoja Luota sisäiseen ohjaukseesi ja anna tämän voimakiven autta sinua avautumaan uusille ajatuksille ja tunteille, sekä uusille mahdollisuuksille.


Uniikki hiottu eettinen ametisti kiviaarre Suomen Lapista. 

  • Origin

    Hand digged in Finnish Lapland, 100% ecologically and ethically, with much love.

65,00 €Price
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