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Ethical rose or snow quartz & sterling silver necklace

Ethical rose or snow quartz & sterling silver necklace

Ethically sourced crystal from Finnish Lapland. Hand digged ecologically with much love.


Intuitively choose which crystal is for You from picture above. The one on the left and in the middle is rose quartz.

The one on the right is snow quartz with a hint of amethyst (sold).


If you have a specific intention for your crystal, you may write it in the comment field at checkout and I (Monika) will personally program the crystal, with your intention, for you.


Write in the comment field which necklace you'd like to have.


For more detailed information, email Monika,


Material: Ethically sourced amethyst (polished) and 925 sterling silver.


Price mentioned is for one necklace.




Eettisesti, ekologisesti ja rakkaudella käsin kaivettu ametisti Suomen Lapista. Eettinen kristalli, kotimainen vaihtoehto.


Valitse kuvasta intuitiivisesti sinulle sopivaa korua.


Jos haluat, kirjoita kommenttikenttään "check out:issa" intentiosi korulle, niin Monika ohjelmoi intentiosi kiveen.


Koko: Kysy yksityiskohtaisempaa tietoa Monikalta s-postitse,


Materiaali: Eettiseti ja ekologisesti kaivettu ametisti (rumpuhiottu) ja 925 sterling hopeaa.

Ilmoitettu hinta sisältää yhden korun.

  • Care instructions

    Please always remove your necklace before taking a bath, shower, sauna etc. When not in use, you may store your jewelrey in an airtight container or bag, to avoid silver getting dark. 

68,00 €Price
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