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Carefully curated natural products from Finland

Ethically and ecologically sourced crystals 
from Finland

We offer ONLY ethically and ecologically sourced crystals

NEW! You will now receive your personal intention programmed in the crystal: write in the Comment or Note -sections your intention. Monika will personally program the crystal with your intention, using an ancient technique she learned from and Andean master teacher. Read more in the blog! 
UUTTA! Saat henkilökohtaisen intentiosi kristalliin, kirjoittamalla siitä Comment tai Note -kohtaan. Monika ohjelmoi henkilökohtaisen toiveesi/intentiosi kristalliin, hyödyntäen ikivanhaa tekniikka, jonka hän on oppinut Perulaiselta opettajalta.
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Giitu means THANK YOU in sámi language. 

We offer ethical and ecological crystals, mainly amethysts, rose quartz  and smoke quarts.

Our amethysts and other semi-precious gemstones are sourced by hand - and much love - in Finnish Lapland. 

Mother Nature provides us with so much beauty, in return we give her our love and care, with gratitude.



Thank you!


"Ecologically and ethically produced is really the only way, we don't have any other choice", my friend said to me.

As I emerged myself into the world of crystals, I soon realised how difficult it was to find out about the origins of the stones and crystals (semi-precious gemstones), how they had been digged, mined or excavated, by whom and in what kind of conditions. How could I make sure ecological and ethical values were followed!? It seemed impossible.

So, you can imagine my gratitude and almost surreal joy when I bumped into Jukka,  a crystal wizard who actually diggs by hand the stones and crystals from his own amethyst mine in Finnish Lapland - with much love and care for Mother Nature!

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