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How to program your ethical crystals - setting intentions

Hi love,
'The new year has just begun, and we are ready to set powerful intentions for this new area in our lives.
I invite you to make your intentions beautiful, big and serene!

Crystals are powerful healers, transmitters of highly refined energy. In the previous post titled "You do NOT need to clear or clean your crystals" I wrote about the nature of crystals and how they only carry high frequencies.

The more time we spend with our crystals the more we will learn from them. We can easily program the crystals ourselves, or let someone else do it for us. How beautiful is it not, to use ethical crystals for your sincere intentions.


With the help of the crystals we may receive love filled guidance and wisdom, directly from the Source. The messages are personal and therefor they can be different from person to person. You will always receive help. Simply hold your crystal in the hands, follow step 1 below, and ask "What messages do you have for me today" and finish with step 5.

The messages goes both ways. You can also receive support, by sharing your innermost feelings with your crystal.

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When we work with our crystals we tap into our true nature as light, as soul. Therefor, we set forth and bring life into what we carry in our hearts. Life becomes more beautiful and love-filled and we realise that in a way, we are crystals too.
So, when we work with the crystals to bring our intentions to life, we really understand, that we have the power to create more wellbeing and harmony, both for ourselves, our families, our communities - and the whole planet too.

You can program the crystal to protect you, to help you with prosperity and abundance, to give health, strength or joy, or to serve as everyday reminder - for instance. You can program your crystal to work for your loved ones around you. You can program a crystal for love and peace and give it as special gift to dear one. There is no limit to what you can program your crystal with, as long as the intentions are pure and love-filled.

I personally carry a crystal around my neck, to every day remind me of my true nature as a being of light/soul. As I keep that in mind, I am reminded that everyone I meet is a being of light/soul too.

How to program your crystal?

  1. Envision yourself inside a crystal. You can repeat the words "Only energies and vibrations of highest light can be in ceremony with me, no lower levels of energies and vibrations can be in ceremony with me."

  2. Become clear about your intention. I suggest that you write the intention on a piece of paper, that you store in a special place. One word or full sentences, it's up to you.

  3. Hold your crystal in your hands and in your mind repeat your intention that you wish to program into the crystal.

  4. With sincere intent and dedication, blow on the crystal three times. Your breath carries the essence of the intention into the crystal.

  5. Smile and give thanks to the crystal and Mother Nature.

  6. Carry your crystal with you or store it for next use in a special place.

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If you wish to have your crystal ready programmed with your sincere intention, I (Monika) am more than happy to program your ethical crystal for you. Simply add your intention in the comment or note section in our online shop.

What then?

The more time we spend with the crystals the more the world of crystals open up to us. Not only metaphorically speaking, but also in a practical way. Always give thanks to Mother Nature!

Always hold on to hope for good for all living.

Always keep an eye open for small and big miracles, especially when you're out in nature.

Isn't the sound of a bird a miracle! Isn't the sight of a deer a miracle! Isn't a tasty apple from your garden (or local market) a miracle! Isn't the touch of the wind on your skin a miracle! Isn't the beauty of crystals a miracle!

I wish you all the best for 2024, much love, happiness, prosperity, wellbeing, harmony and inner peace!

Big hugs,


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