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The birth story of the name

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

🇺🇸 Today, especially today, on 6th of February, I want to acknowledge and honour our indigenous Sámi people, who celebrate their National Day today. I also wish to share why I personally feel deeply touched - in my heart - by the Sámis and what is the connection to
Buori sámi álbmotbeaivvi buohkaide!
Happy Sámi National Day to Everyone!

Did you know, that the Sámi are the only indigenous people in the European Union!?

Sámis in numbers

In Finland, we have about 10 000 indigenious Sámis, in total there's around 75 000-100 000. Most of the Sámis live in Norway, but also in Finland, Sweden and Russia. In total there's 9-10 different Sámi languages. In Finland there's three different Sámi languages spoken: north sámi, inarisámi and koltasámi. (Source of information:

I want to point out, I know very little about the Sámis, their culture and way of living, but I wish to learn more.

Please let me share a heartful story related to how was born.

Visiting Saana fell in Gilbbesjávrri

Last year, 2021, I saw pictures of the sacred Saana fell in Kilpisjärvi/Gilbbesjávrri, in the most Norther parts of Finland. I don't know why, but started to feel an urge to go to Saana, and wouldn't find peace until we had booked a trip with my husband to go and visit Saana. And off we went!, in end of July 2021.

We arrived to Gilbbesjávrri in the evening and rushed to get to the grocery store before it closed. Wanted to get some snacks for the next day, as we had planned to hike up to the top Saana fell. In the cashier line we bumped into three friendly sámis and felt a strong energy around them, but didn't think more about it then.

The hike

We had decided to do the hike in complete silence, to be able to be more present with the beauty that was surrounding us. Also, felt it was a sort of pilgrimage for me personally. Felt immense gratitude to finally touch Saana with my bare hands. Strong winds on the top of Saana felt like a blessing of change and abundance. The views from the top were stunning.

As we got back to the root of Saana we passed by four Sámis, and in that moment something absolutely extraordinary happened.

An overwhelming wave of unconditional love went into every cell of my being. I felt how it was to be in complete unconditional love. I believe one or all of these Sámis send this wave of love. Tears of gratitude ran down my cheeks and couldn't speak.

We continued walking for a while, and only then I whispered to my husband, with tears of wonder in my eyes:

"Did you feel that too?"

The name was born

I had been pondering about the name for a while, for what is now called My husband had kept on telling me, "don't force it, wait until we have been in Lapland, it will come naturally".

And so it did.

With all these experiences the name arrived as a present of gratitude. Giitu means Thank you in sámi language. Gratitude for the present of unconditional love, gratitude for Mother Nature and all her children of Light.

In honour of all ancestors who have walked here before us, knowing how to be of service, knowing how to commune with Mother Nature.

Maybe one day, I will learn more, understand better. I ask, please teach me, so that I can understand better, be of better service.

In the light of what I share above, please know, I can ONLY offer you crystals that have been sourced in an ethical and ecological way, sourced with bare and gentle hands and with deep love for Mother Nature.

From the bottom of my heart:

Thank you - Giitu,


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