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You do NOT need to clear or clean your crystals

Hi love!

There is a common belief with us who loves crystals, that crystals needs to be cleared or cleaned. You will find all kinds of instructions how to clean or clear your crystals, such as bathing them in sunlight or take them out on full moon, or bathe them in natural clean water or smudge them.

I also had taken on this same belief - that I needed to clear and clean my crystals - without even questioning it. I used to put them in front of the window during full moon, but that wasn't maybe such a bad idea after all ;) However, in this blog post I share an eye opening insight I received from an Andean medicine man a few years back, and it completely changed the way I see crystals!

Let's ponder a bit deeper about the very nature of crystals!

Crystal in picture above "One truth, one love. Find it here:

The nature of crystals

Crystals vibrate at a very subtle and high frequency only. Their energy is love filled, positive and tuned to the highest frequencies of Mother Earth. Crystals can NOT contain any harsh or negative energy.

As soon as any harsh or negative energy comes close to the crystal, the energy is transmuted or transformed into high frequencies only. That is the very nature of crystals, they simply can not contain any negative energy.

What happens when harsh or negative energy appear?

Crystals CAN be "programmed" (more in upcoming blog post about programming your crystals), but they can NOT be programmed with any harsh or negative energy, because the crystal can not contain that due to it's innate nature of purity! This is so important to keep in mind.

Your crystal is always safe, it is always like a fountain of unconditional love. It is like a compassionate, understanding and supporting best dear friend.

What can happen though, when too harsh or too heavy energy come in contact with the crystal, is that the crystal simply break in two, or bigger pieces the crystal fall off. If this happens, you can for instance give the crystal back to Mother Earth, literally, with much gratitude for it's service.

Clearing or cleaning isn't necessary

Clearing or cleaning of your crystal isn't necessary, but how about bathing them in moonlight? Yes, but not because your crystal would be tainted with negative energy, but to allow the crystal to receive new
information from the cosmic allies of Mother Earth. This is however still a mystery for me personally, what happens during full moon and how, but maybe one day I will receive an explanation from the crystals ;)

Thank you for joining me in exploring the wonderful world of crystals. All crystals at are ethically and ecologically soured, by hand, in Finland. Find our newest crystals and crystal jewellery here.

With much love and gratitude,


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"Programming your crystals"
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